Nam Quang Temple

Nam Quang Temple is one of Portland’s hidden treasure on the way to the Gorge. A majestic temple that takes you on a journey through time, offering a window into the Buddhist.


The mission of the New Vietnamese Buddhist Order is to convey the basic and noble teachings of the Buddha in order to cultivate peace, practice compassion, and educate our global community.

History & Culture

Buddhism as practiced by ethnic Vietnamese is mainly of the Mahayana tradition. Buddhism came to Vietnam as early as the 2nd century CE through the North from Central Asia and via Southern routes from India. Vietnamese Buddhism has had a symbiotic relationship with Taoism, Chinese spirituality, and the indigenous Vietnamese religion. Today, Buddhists are located almost everywhere in Vietnam 80% identifying themselves as Buddhist. For more information about our history and culture, come and visit us. Schedule a tour or one-on-one time with us.позиция сайта yandexanti ip скачать торрент